Battle Of Egos

by Winter Crescent

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Metalzone Review
Release date: 05/2009

Label: Self distributed

Type: Demo

Genre: Progressive Metal

01. Battle Of Egos Intro
02. Battle Of Egos Part I
03. Battle Of Egos Part II
04. Furrow
05. My Last Will
06. Winter Crescent
07. Lost In Dreams

Once I listened to the Winter Crescent’s demo, I was enormously impressed. "In your face" progressive metal, but, and this "but" hides a whole story behind it. Let us therefore reveal the truth and find out what lies behind it, starting....from the cover.

The cover was designed by Maria Trialoni and the logo by Marianna Antoniadis. Both lady did a perfect job, proving that there are Greek design talents, able to work for the music industry. The logo witnesses the band’s progressive style, and the cover fully expresses the aspect of the music and lyrics. Also the title is part of the rest ... Battle of Egos, a conflict against ourselves. I wish the best to the two girls and hope to see more or their artworks in the future.

The music is a wonderful "In your face" progressive metal, with clear influences from Nevermore, with no tiring long lengthed solos, bridges and fillings, the band was not trying to prove that they are virtuosos (oh what does it reminds me), but they successfully proved that they are excellent instrument players, composers and producers (the production is home made). The songs, whic most of them are composed by Alexis Ktistakis, are so careful composed, that the care is qualitatively similar to a cardiac surgeon while he operates. Each note is, if not perfect, almost perfect in the proper position. Indeed, as a programmer that I am, I believe that I can take a song and break it into independent musical parts, that each one could easily stand alone, not as separate song or as a riff, but as a milestone ready to be placed in the right positrion in order the whole stracture to be built. Also I would like to add that I really have loved the "Lost In Dreams" drums. George Ktistakis is an 18 year old talented drummer that has been playing really complex drums at least from the age of 15.

The vocals of Nikos Spyridakis (ex - Arkenstone, Rex Mundi) are very nice, perfectly touched on the songs. His voice has a special falsetto that makes the vocals even more varied, full, and having the songs being more peculiar. He has participated to all of the songs’ lyrics writing, proving that he is good at that part also.

The lyrics provide a dark style, an internal search and a deep introversion. Typical example of this "paranoia" is the "Battle Of Egos" trilogy. In there, the protagonist struggles with his past sins but also with himself. In a similar vein are the rest of the songs. While the first three songs are part a concept story, we could say that listening to the demo is like watching different episodes from the same series. To further emphasize, some of the lyrics are really theatrical at some points which is reflected to Spyridakis performance.

Finally, the production and the mixing are excellent, don’t forget that they are home by Ktistakis brothers. It is a noteworthy try, cause is not easy to achieve that kind of high quality production. Let us not forget that in order to get your music produced and mixed like that, you have to pay a studio and some "specialists" a lot of money. Furthermore to say that the songs where masterd by Michael Papoutsaki.

In conclusion, the overall effort worths of praise. It has been an organized effort, from the composition period, until the demo printing. and I think the first step is done in order to escape from Heraklion and their music to become known in Greece and aboard. Good luck to Winter Crescent and I wish to see them once live in Thessaloniki, and believe me, my words are prophetic.

Kostas Grevenitis
{Read in greek}

Nikos Spiridakis - Vocals
Alexis Ktistakis - Guitars
Nikos Trialonis - Guitars
Thanos Sgouridis - Bass
George Ktistakis - Drums


released May 1, 2009

"Pick of the month" Greek Metal Hammer (Sept 2009 )
German Rock Hard , rates 8,5



all rights reserved


Winter Crescent Ηράκλειο, Greece

Winter Crescent are currently in the studio, rehearsing and recording their new material.
They have decided not to re-record any songs from their demo Battle Of Egos.
The album will probably have ten brand new tracks and Winter Crescent believe that by the end of 2011, they will begin the final recordings.
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Track Name: Battle Of Egos Intro
Battle of Egos Intro

The final chapter of this fateful life begins
Where is your light to drive away my guilt?
In this critical moment where eyes cast on despair
And though you stand beside me I feel that you’re away

Father forgive me now for I know that I have sinned
The darker side inside seems that will never give in
Father I need you now in my darkest hour I cry
I cry your name out loud but my voice is drowned by fear
Track Name: Battle Of Egos Part I
Battle of Egos Part I

The flesh of innocence, the flesh of
innocence is seared
The deeds of my other me are soon to be
When the fires of lust will touch my soul and engulf me in their madness
The bond between he and me will be forever broken

The stream of life unveils again

Just waiting, let’s pray to all those (that) we are afraid of
Devastated, too blind to see, tasting the dark
This is your future, the future of your lies
embrace now your deepest sin

And though you touch the silence, your screams tear up the sky
Of your sleeping dreams and your desires inside

Wake again and cleanse your former self
This is your truth that you yearned for it all this time
Die again and relieve me from this life

Brain sight jumps out of wisdom (and saws)
a passion dressed in dust,
Night meets the day and a shining, like fire’s following this path,
And gives the color in the dark, to my
shattered rotten heart

Feel my sorrow and feel my wrath, this side of your mind you should have left untouched
Feel my madness and feel my lust, the door is open relentless is your past

This is your future, the future of your lies
embrace now your deepest sin.
Track Name: Battle Of Egos Part II
Battle of Egos Part II

Painting my electric dreams with the color of terror
The dawning of my fateful end is stepping on my threshold
For the battle of egos has begun

Follow me into the chasm of your deepest fears, your saddest tears I am the echo of your struggle

And though you touch the crimson light of your hopes
You’re soon to fall apart
For the demise of us all, the bitter fall
Lies in our darkest side

Portraits of burning scenes, the bloody lake’s paths
Too late to understand the man I have become
Just before the end, you take what you gave what is true and what is fake

The poison of my arrogance that reigned in me so long
Has now awakened my other me and threatens to uphold
All my riches and my lustrous diamonds seem to lose their shine
Who’s to reign and who’s to fade is a decision we both must take

Follow me into the chasm of your deepest fears, your saddest tears I am the echo of your struggle

The past is calling our names out loud, who am I? This will soon be found

The masks are falling one by one our time is soon at hand
The mirror is shattered for one more time and it’s due to be broken

And now I gaze into these new eyes
The pieces of the mirror falling
What is lost will never be found
Track Name: Furrow

Follow me into my soul when darkness fills your dreams
Follow me into my mind when light is broken by the night

Two doors are standing before me
The light and the dark

Trying to lift your veil of black, your veil of solitude
Drowned into my sea, my sea of confidence
Two doors are standing before me
This blissful light forever changed my life

Close my eyes as I drink this holy flame
Close my mind as I taste this divine pain

My body screaming from the terror that awakes inside my sinful dreams
I‘m but a beast and so a mortal with the birthright of shame and guilt

Now mirrors dance and celebrate before my weary eyes
Their sinister gaze tells me that they are about to erase (all) your lies

Now I know no fear in this dream
The furrow in my face remains too deep
Track Name: My Last Will
My Last Will

Tremble now as I pull the string - feel the tension of no will
Feel the freeze, feel the dark-as they ravish your weak heart

Wake again this rotten dream – you have the reins to face your fears
But some things are not meant to last and they scatter like the dust

If I had the choice to turn back the time
I would give anything for a whisper or a sigh

Rust and decay is all I see
Death unto me is my last will
Lost in a dream that I can't flee
Death unto me is my last will

Rust and decay is all I see
Death unto me is my last will
Lost in a dream that I can't flee
Death unto me is my last will
Rust and decay is all I see
Death unto me is my last will

Don’t despair my beloved one
Your days are not over you still have time

Don’t forget me-I’ll return-Just look beyond-the crescent sun (X2)
Track Name: Winter Crescent
Winter Crescent

Staring at your face again tonight
Feeling your eyes gaze at mine

Your eyes are filled with tears from all the things that you’ve seen
And your beauty is to be lost because no one sees it
Two thousand years of pain have taken their toll
Now it’s time to pay for the demise that we’ve made

Watching your face for one more time
Hearing the echoes of your light

My mind is filled with pain from all the things that I’ve seen
And your voice is to be lost because no one listens
Two thousand years of greed have made their mark
Now it’s time to face the damage that we’ve done

Our tears have turned into living fears
Our joy turns to sorrow
Oh we never heard your call
Oh winter crescent
Track Name: Lost In Dreams
Lost In Dreams

Beyond my starless skies
Lies the path of regret
Bitter and torn are the winds
That burns its blackened leaves
And now it starts again
The nightmare that never ends

Every night is the same
Every day I retrace
Hours never seem to fade
I'm lost inside the flames

Fading away into the flow I stray
Guiding my remorse towards the flame

Every night the dream is the same
Every second casts no shade
Every tear becomes my name
Every pain becomes my face
Every second casts no shade
Beacons of blackness lit the endless halls of my soul
The walls inside my mind are slowly closing in
Here we stand once again, the scars of my past still burn

Beyond my starless skies
Lies the path of regret
Voices of reason buried under the fields of hate

Every night is the same
Every day I retrace
Hours never seem to fade
I'm lost inside the flames.